Your share of your supply chain margins flushed down the drain? Cause a flood of profits using these 5 focusing steps in your manufacturing business



You can use “The Five Focusing Steps” to increase the productivity of your manufacturing business, almost overnight, to increase gross margins, reduce inventory, free up cash and improve labour efficiency…




Here are 7 common problems facing manufacturers in the current economic climate…




Squeezed margins

 Your supply chain is putting the squeeze on you; your suppliers are raising prices (in spite of their poor service), while customers are demanding discounts and want perfect on time delivery from you!

 Wouldn’t it be nice if suppliers would deliver on time in quantities more useful for your inventory management and customers would accept appropriate price increases?




Poor material supply

 Wrong raw materials are ordered or you are simply out of the right raw materials needed to make your products… for some reason the supply chain logistics management process is not guaranteeing supply…

 What if an effective replenishment system could save you the hassle and expense of panic reordering?




Poor flow control

 Your supply chain management software does not really help you, in real time, to control the flow of work through the factory…

 What if you had a system that controlled the factory floor easily and reliably?




Unhelpful information

 Your supply chain technology does not provide information that gives you clarity about your business…

 Wouldn’t it be nice if you had visibility in your business to take action early to avoid chaos?




Keeping what you make

 You are making plenty of sales but the profits never seem to turn up in the bank!

 An internal supply chain analysis, taking into account the product mix going through your factory, will solve this mystery quickly.




System non-compliance

 People do not follow the systems (such as the supply chain management process)… leading to all sorts of wasteful errors and rework…

 What if the systems were positively reinforcing, encouraging your people to follow them?




Lack of unity and focus

 Everyone follows a different set of rules! And, or course, it’s always the other guy’s fault – it’s impossible to pin down accountability!

 How would it be if everyone sung off the same song sheet, with a common set of rules and measures?





If you experience 4 or more of those 7 common problems, then the Five Focusing Steps will transform the performance of YOUR business…










All that fixed in just five steps? No Way!


All of the above issues do not magically disappear with the installation of the Five Focusing Steps… but what does happen, within 5-10 days, is that you free up significant business management time – time which you can then apply to do something about the issues!


With everything there is an initial investment and businesses are reluctant to put in the money and time to make the necessary changes…


They soon find however, that the upfront investment is recovered – normally within 90 days – provided they implement all five steps and run the system honestly.



What are these “Five Focusing Steps”?


Here are the 5 Steps:

1. IDENTIFY the system’s constraint – the resource that controls profitability more than any other

2. EXPLOIT the constraint – schedule to maximise the flow of money through the constraint, thereby increasing overall efficiency

3. SUBORDINATE all other resources to the constraint schedule – even if that means local inefficiency; measure the overall impact to ensure that any loss of efficiency here leads to a greater increase over there

4. ELEVATE the constraint – increase efficiency and output further with process improvements

5. Return to Step One, checking that human INERTIA (habits and decisions) do not block the cycle of improvement



The Goal

By Dr E.M. Goldratt


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“The most read management book ever” - The Economist


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Now, I’m NOT going to suggest you do a supply chain analysis, or pay big bucks for supply chain consulting…


You can find out about all that after you have read Eli Goldratt’s breakthrough best-selling series of business novels, dealing with all aspects of supply chain management, starting with “the most read management book ever –source: The EconomistThe Goal.









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Here’s what business people like you are saying about applying “The Goal” in their businesses…


“Finally I have a clear and simple picture of what is required.”

Sandy, Production Supervisor


“It’s all so obvious… now!”

Chris Ryan, Director, Ryan Windows & Doors


“We can confidently commit lead times to customers that are regular and reliable”

Tim Fawcett, Owner, Optimum Clothing


 “We cut lead times in half”

Modtec Industries


“We now have much clearer visibility of both processes and the flow of money”

Guy Stewart, Managing Director, Skope Industries


“The issues stand out like dogs’ balls”

Bloke on factory floor, Christchuch


“We increased capacity by 30%”

Aluminium Systems


“If we go back to the way we used to work, I’m leaving!”

Terry Wilson, Debonaire Furniture









Here are 7 Reasons Why 3,000,000 Business People Have Read The Goal


Reason 1. It’s easy to read

The Goal is a story about a manager who is given 3 months to turn his business unit around… It is easy to read, and fast paced.


Reason 2. You will identify with the characters in the story

You’ll relate strongly to the characters; seeing yourself and your colleagues, in the story!


Reason 3. You can generate business results, quickly

Many companies report serious operational and financial gains, by having the management team read, discuss and try the ideas used in the novel.


Reason 4. It’s up-to-date

The 1st edition of The Goal was written in 1982. The book has been rewritten twice, to stay up to date with the current state of constraint management thinking.


Reason 5. You CAN do it – it’s REAL, not THEORY

Thousands of companies have implemented the concepts, straight from the book.


The book is selling fast throughout Australia and New Zealand. Hundreds of Oz/NZ companies have already reported impressive results!


Reason 6. It’s a “how to” guide

How to implement constraint management properly – written by the inventor himself! The Goal is a required text for several management courses at 5 universities in Australia & New Zealand. Translated into 27 languages, it is taught in over 200 colleges and universities overseas.


Reason 7. You can get more information, easily

There are 3 sequels to the novel, and a movie version. And, if you need a more technical perspective, there are over 80 constraint management textbooks as well!


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Some more quotes about “The Goal” from business people like you…


“There is now clarity for everyone, from the operators to the managers”

Tim Fawcett, Business Owner


“We got a 25% increase in output with a 10% decrease in operating expenses!”

Millbrook Furniture


“Inventory is down 30%!”

Firth Industries


“Decisions are now easier because we have quick and clear indicators of the impact of any changes”

Bruce Vine, Manufacturing Manager


“Been looking for years  for computer software that could do what this system can do with some simple boards”

Gerard Van Antwerpen, Design Engineer & Quality Assurance Manager, Cuddon Limited


“We have lowest ever late orders in our entire history. From 70% late 6 months ago to just 2 orders late last week”

Bambach Wires & Cables


“Output increased by 45% and lead time dropped from 8 days to 2 days – within 4 weeks!!”

Parramatta Cabinets








Even more quotes from business people just like you…


“The [new] scheduling system has vastly improved the manufacturing control of projects by shortening delivery times, therefore units built per year improved”

Wayne Nicholas, Financial Controller & Company Secretary, Cuddon Engineering Limited


“This implementation has been the greatest achievement for the Mackies Group of Companies, in the modern era of its 60 year history”

Jeremy Woolcock, Managing Director, Mackies Group of Companies


“Normally Jul-Dec is a very busy time; stock-outs and panic would increase and we would fall behind… This year we are not behind, and the pressure is now on the sales team!”

Barker’s Fruit Processors


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Quintrex (pleasure craft)

Rob Kuzich & Co

Ryan Group (windows & doors)

Skope (heaters and refrigeration)



Over 100 companies have attended Theory of Constraints workshops run by ViAGO. Some of those have then proceeded with very successful “Do It Yourself” implementations.


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The Goal – Back Cover

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