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ViAGO is an established consulting firm with offices in Auckland and Christchurch (in New Zealand) and Chatswood NSW (Australia)


This special promotional offer is being run out of our Auckland office.


Physical address

ViAGO Limited

Level 9


20 Amersham Way

Manukau City

New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 261 0790

Free in New Zealand: 0800 84 24 64

Free in Australia: 1800 122 453


Postal address

ViAGO Limited

CPO Box 1639

Shortland St

Auckland 1140

New Zealand


Sales coordinator

Please ask for Mirta, she can answer any questions you may have about this offer.


The founding partners of ViAGO

Ulu Aiono, Manukau

James Powell, Huntly


Our consulting team is led by

Peter Thorby (Business Pilot)


New Zealand

Bryce England

Gavin Weeks

Mirta Fagundes dos Santos

Noel Macken



Andrew Cranwell

Andrew Kay

Satish Mehta










A few of the companies who have purchased ViAGO supply chain consulting projects to help them implement the concepts in The Goal…

3M Abrasives

Alpwood (windows & doors)

Auckland Steel

Asado Foods (food processing)

Bambach Wires and Cables

Barker Fruit Processors

BP Oil

Cuddons (engineering and freeze dryers)

Dairy Containers (Canpac International)

F.J. Precision (sheet metal jobbing)

Flair International (vanities)

Gatic (foundry)

Interior Timbers (flooring & blinds)

Mackies (baking systems)

Metaltech (sheet metal jobbing)

Millbrook (furniture)

Optimum Clothing

Private Collection (clothing)

Quintrex (pleasure craft)

Rob Kuzich & Co

Ryan Group (windows & doors)

Skope (heaters and refrigeration)



Over 100 companies have attended Theory of Constraints workshops run by ViAGO. Some of those have then proceeded with very successful “Do It Yourself” implementations.


Books and videos

More than 3000 companies have purchased, from ViAGO, books and videos about the technologies we use.









ViAGO’s 60-day 100%++ Money-Back Guarantee


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, send it back to us for a full refund. We allow 7 days for our delivery to reach you (and we’ll extend that if you let us know that your purchase has not arrived within 7 days), and we’ll refund your money in full, plus we’ll give you $10 to cover your return courier costs, provided you despatch the goods by courier with 60 days of receipt.


Please return by courier to the physical address above.


Any problems?


Phone the Founding Partner, James Powell, on +64 21 545 630 and leave a message with your name, contact details and your question, anytime day or night. James (or ViAGO’s CEO, Mr Peter Thorby) will return your call anywhere in the world as soon as possible and answer any questions you may have regarding the quality or content of our materials, and/or resolve any problems you may have with your purchase.














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